The Janoskians

The Janoskians Condemn Thigh Gaps In 'Real Girls Eat Cake' Video: Watch Now

'I like a girl who eats more than salad on a date,' the guys sing. OK, good, 'cause I'm hungry.

With reporting by James Lacsina

It's time to push that salad away and head toward the confections; the Janoskians are declaring that "Real Girls Eat Cake."

The Aussie bad-boys released the new track and video on Monday (May 12). It's their first single since last year's "Best Friends," which I can finally get out of my head now.

If you're in need of positive affirmations and body love, here it is — all set to a '90s ska beat.

"I don't need a girl to worry 'bout a thigh gap/ I like the fact that you don't give a sh-- about that/ I like a girl who eats more than salad on a date," the guys sing. "To me you're prettier than Adriana Lima/ The way you're work it when you're looking in the mirror."

When we caught up with the guys at Wango Tango on Sunday night, they explained why they wrote the song.

"We wanted a fun song that was jumpy but also at the same time sent a message to girls that you don't really need to worry about the size you are and all that stuff," James Yammouni told MTV News. "Be you. Being yourself is beautiful and who cares if you have a slice of cake."

Beau Brooks was so excited about the single that he went naked and pulled a cardboard cake costume over himself.

"It's our first real single and it shows how we feel about girls really not giving a crap about what other people think about them," shirtless Beau said while clutching his outfit.

Jai Brooks added, "We did write this ourselves. Some people are probably shocked and think we're talentless little sh--s."