'Game Of Thrones': A Tribute To The Great Moms Of Westeros

Happy Mhysa's Day!

Westeros: land of danger, dragons and some of the most amazing mothers ever put on television. With a new episode airing tonight (May 11), and it being Mother's Day and all, lets look back on the fine ladies of "Game of Thrones" who call themselves Moms:

Daenerys Targaryen

Helen Sloan/HBO

Aw yeah, Mother of Dragons. Though our Khaleesi may never be able to have a human baby after trading the life of her unborn son (unknowingly) for the life of her husband, she made up with it by "birthing" three sweet dragon babies.

Not only that, but the tens of thousands of slaves she's freed call her "Mhysa," the Ghiscari word for mother. We'd say that deserves a nice breakfast in bed, or at least some flowers.

Cersei Lannister

You wouldn't think that Cersei, who aborted every attempt to have a child unless it was with her own brother would be characterized as a great mom. But here's a lady who will do anything for her children… Even if they are the product of incestual love.

She's begged, bartered, stolen and generally brought the realm down around everyone's ears, all for the sake of making sure her sons and daughter are safe. Too bad, then, that things haven't led to safety for at least one of the trio.

Catelyn Stark


Another Westerosian mom who hasn't exactly kept her children safe, Catelyn nevertheless loves her kids more than anything in the world. And though they've had their differences, she even managed to exude some warmth to her husband's bastard Jon Snow. Anywhere else, we'd want Cat to be our mom. In Westeros? No thanks, we'd rather be a nameless farmhand, than a Stark. It's just safer that way.

Olenna Tyrell

The big bad matriarch of the Tyrell clan, Olenna is a relatively new addition to the cast, but she clearly takes care of her family better than literally any other person in Westeros.

Yes, her son Mace is a bit of a doofus, but her spiritual daughter, Margaery, is coming out better than anyone in the Game by sticking with her grandmother's advice. That's some good parenting, even if it's really grandparenting.


Gilly, the daughter of maniac north of the wall Craster, had a child… With her father, Craster. Ew. Still, she — along with Samwell Tarly — has managed to keep her child alive when every other son of Craster has been turned into an undead White Walker. Not only that, but she took her babe south, saved him from multiple attacks and generally made sure he's stayed healthy and happy despite less than ideal circumstances.

And as readers of the books know, its smooth sailing for Gilly and her kid from here on out!


Does the Red Lady ever think about the shadow baby she gave birth to? The one that went on to kill Renly, and then disappear? Yes, she went through natural childbirth (well, supernatural), so we have to applaud her for that. But still, it feels a little like she's shirking her duties as a mom.

Lysa Arryn

Look, we don't want to rile up the ire (or should we say aerie?) of lactivists, but Lysa Arryn breastfeeding her tween son Robyn is awful. Yet, she cares, doesn't she? She wants her unnerving, anemic son to have fun throwing things to their death through the Moon Door. She wants him to marry his older cousin Sansa. She wants… Aw, who are we kidding, she's just a creepy, creepy mom.

The Unknown Moms

Shout out to all the moms of bastards in Westeros, from the lady who did it with King Robert Barantheon and spat out Gendry, to whoever gave birth to Jon Snow. These are the unsung heroes of the Seven Kingdoms. You may never get the credit, or any lines… But this Mhysa's Day, we salute you.