Scarlett Johansson Can Make Anything Erotic... Even Cooking

According to 'Chef' actor John Leguizamo, at least.

With Reporting By Josh Horowitz

The characters in Jon Favreau's "Chef," which stars Favreau, Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, and many others, love food... and, according to Leguizamo, we mean they love food.

"I love that the sex scene is him cooking," Leguizamo told MTV News.

Of course, the beautiful ladies star and director Favreau cast as his love interests in the movie didn't hurt, especially on set.

"How about the girlfriends he has?" Leguizamo said. "How bout the women he surrounds himself with? That's what I liked about the movie the most.

"He has Scarlett Johansson as his girlfriend, Sofia Vergara as his ex-wife... if he had Kerry Washington he would've had the whole spectrum."

Clearly, as Leguizamo said, there's "power in cooking" to be able to attract so many gorgeous women. Still, an erotic scene involving food? Really?

"Scarlett can make anything erotic," Leguizamo explained. "Look at her, just the voice you're already like, oh God."

Being in the movie was fun for more than just the food and beauties, though. Favreau's sets are famous for their emphasis on improv, and when Favreau warned Leguizamo about the open nature of the script, the actor told his director, " 'You're gonna have trouble shutting me up.' And he did. But he'd let me try. I said some racy, racy, crazy s***, so it was fun."

Cooking, sex, and comedy. Sounds like the trifecta to us.

Check out "Chef," which hits theaters today (May 9).