Watch The Only Zac Efron Interview Starring His Crotch

Efron and Rogen were in a revealing mood during 'After Hours.'

By Josh Horowitz

It's been a busy time for Zac Efron and Seth Rogen as they've raced around the country promoting their hilarious new comedy, "Neighbors" (opening this Friday). From Austin to Los Angeles to New York, I've gotten to know these fine gentlemen pretty well but when they stopped by MTV's headquarters earlier this week I knew we had to take things to the next level.

Sure you've seen Seth and Zac interviewed before but never have they revealed so much as in this edition of "Up Close." Did you know for instance that Zac does a pretty spot-on Bane impression or that he enjoys bananas covered in whipped cream? Those revelations, plus enormous amounts of male spooning and crotch shots await you in a memorable edition of "After Hours."