Required Reading: Katy Perry's Twitter Poem Will Have You So Pumped For Prismatic Tour

It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow!

Katy Perry has been known to be good at rhyming ("You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no," yes?), so naturally, the "Birthday" singer must be a natural poet.

Well, she thinks so.

Twas the night before #ThePrismaticWorldTour

when all through Belfast,

not a creature was stirring

not even one Katycat.

The outfits were laid out,

all sequins in place,

the wigs were all set...

ready to kick ball change!

NOW GO TO SLEEP (I'm yelling at the both of us)

OK, so the rhymes aren't that good, but it does stir up some emotion, filling us with glee for the Prismatic World Tour kick-off tomorrow (May 7) in Belfast.

Those "sequins" she's talking about? She could be referring to any of the designer outfits she's been previewing in the lead-up to the tour, including frocks and jumpsuits from Valentino, Fausto Puglisi Todd Thomas and Di$count Universe.

Katy will be making her way around Europe and then heading to the States at the end of June.