Does A 'Thug Cry'? Find Out In Rick Ross And Lil Wayne's New Video

Rozay enlists actor Wood Harris to star in his visuals for the Mastermind standout.

Based on the song's title, it may come as a surprise, but Rick Ross' "Thug Cry" video isn't about tears at all. Rather, it's about having the chance to rejoice.

The latest visual from Mastermind, which dropped in March, is directed by Dre Films and stars Wood Harris ‒ he of "The Wire" fame. We see Wood play an inmate just a day away from release. Before he steps back into the free world, his character has flashbacks of what led to his lock up, as Rozay and featured guest Lil Wayne rap their verses.

The video wraps when Harris' character is released from prison and goes to see Rozay, who gifts him a new car. Welcome home.