24 Reasons To Watch ’24: Live Another Day’

Jack's back, baby!

You thought he was gone. You thought it was over. Turns out, you didn’t know Jack.

After eight seasons of bomb-stopping, clock-ticking action, and four years off the air, Jack Bauer is back tonight in the form of “24: Live Another Day,” a limited series event that chronicles yet another very bad day in Jack’s life. The real-time thriller has shaved its episode order by half, offering up only twelve hours spanning a full 24-hour period.

Beyond that change in format, here’s everything you need to know about “24: Live Another Day,” and why you need to tune in.

1. First, there’s the obvious:

2. Get it, guys?

3. And guess who isn’t back?

4. Which means this guy isn’t coming back:

5. When we meet him again, Bauer has been a fugitive on the run for four years, wanted for his crimes committed at the end of Season 8 — crimes like this little bit of awesomeness:

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