Mac Miller / Vine

Mac Miller's Weirdest Vines Will Leave You Really Confused

A year ago, Mac Miller was one of the most active celebs on Vines, posting like eight vines every half hour. And most of them where just of him smoking. (I went through a dark time where I almost unfollowed him because he was clogging my feed.)

But somewhere between then and now, Larry Fisherman got too busy to Vine. I don't know, he was out doing better things, like working on his new music that's due out on Mother's Day.

Fortunately, Mac's Vine hiatus ended on Thursday when he posted a slew of confusing and mysterious 6-second clips, calling himself the Old Jewish. I'm not sure if that's a title to something, or just Mac being Mac.

Now that the rapper is back on Vine, let's celebrate by going back and looking at his weirdest, grossest and confounding Vines.

Here's one of the Vines he recorded on Tuesday. I weeded them out so you wouldn't have to listen to this duck noise he's taken a liking to.

Sigh, these dance moves. I am crushing HARD.

Going back now to the days of Mac past — 188 days ago, when he was a Vine regular.

OK, I'm really sorry I included this. But I left all the green stuff and (most of) the swearing out. Oh yeah, and all the peeing Vines.

Sometimes he really tries. He does.

After that, who knew he could play like this?

Remember that time he got the Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in his head?

And when he gave us some great advice about hot chocolate?

He was so happy when we got a new car.

But most of the time, he's hard at work.

Once in a while, he needs a break.

Because being a famous rapper gets exhausting.

Whenever he harasses festival-goers with Earl Sweatshirt, he makes sure to get it on tape.

Sometimes he can be pretty funny.

Other times he just likes to show off his new haircut.

Or his new mustache.

Or his chest hair.

Unlike his cryptic tweets, his Vines are pretty straightforward.

He was pumped when Kanye dropped Yeezus.

Even though his dropped on the same day... and came with a Rolex, apparently.

And then his dad got hammered at the release party.

I'm not sure why he didn't include this cover on his release.

Or this one.

Or this either, to be honest.

He lets fans into those really important moments.

And showed us how rappers sleep.

And how they stay awake.

DJ Clockwork tried to help him out.

And he enlisted Riff Raff to help him lifeguard.

Look at him drinking water.

And then he met an olive.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What did I just watch?