Wait, Is Electro A Never-Nude?

Several compelling pieces of evidence.

The only way we can think to confirm or deny our suspicions that Jamie Foxx's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" villain Electro is actually Dr. Tobias Fünke is to see whether he can make a realistic chicken sound. If he comes out with any "cha-chee-cha" or "a-doodle-doodle-doo" sounds, we'll be able to prove what we've suspected all along: Electro is a never-nude.

The evidence is all there in the movie, staring us right in the face.

For one thing, the guy obviously blue himself.


He also wears glasses. Which, you know. So Tobias of him, right? Not to mention the thinning hair and mustache, similar to those of Dr. Fünke. And let's not forget that Tobias is actually an albino black man.

It's OK, we know. We're a little spooked at this point too.


And since three strikes means you're a never-nude, here's the killer: Guy can turn into electricity and dissolve his physical form, coursing through the cords to reappear at a different point. And yet when he reappears, as below, he pops up wearing a little black bike short boxer brief type garment.


Do those shorts effectively hide his lightning thunder?

As if that wasn't enough, we have two additional supporting pieces of evidence that Electro and Tobias are connected: In the most recent season of "Arrested Development," Tobias plays The Thing in a "Fantastic Four" musical, which technically makes him part of the Marvel Universe. Ish. And "fünke" means "spark" in German. Sounds pretty...electric to us.

We'll let you go now, so you can go tell everyone what you've just learned about the man inside Electro.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" rides the staircar into theaters May 2.