11 Life Lessons ABC's TGIF Taught Us

90s family sitcoms taught us everything our parents didn't.

ABC's TGIF was a Friday night staple in the '90s. Laughs were shared, bonds were formed, kids were allowed to stayed up late, and most of all, we learned some valuable life lessons. We came of age with DJ and Stephanie, experienced the unbreakable bond of friendship with Cory and Shawn, and prepared ourselves for the awkward ups and downs of being a teenager.

1. "Full House" taught us that being a middle child is tough, but Uncle Jesse reminds us that sometimes, like in an Oreo cookie or bologna sandwich, the middle is the best part.

2. Steve Urkel served up a weekly reminder that although someone is different, you should still treat them with respect.

3. "Step By Step" saved our parents from the dreaded “birds and the bees” talk when they taught us all about the "wild monkey dance," and why you might want to save yourself for true love. The Code-Man knows all.

4. "Boy Meets World" taught us to believe in ourselves, and eff the noise. Tell ‘em how it is Mr. Feeny.

5. Shawn and Cory schooled us on how to be a loyal friend.

6. "Full House" taught us how to cope with the death of a loved one when Papouli passed on. It's OK to cry.

7. "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" pretty much taught us to accept who you are, even if you're a confused coming-of-age witch with a talking cat and crazy aunts.

8. "Family Matters" hunk Eddie Winslow taught us how to to get the girl, with three easy moves:

9. “Dinosaurs" spanned the gamut of social issues, including environmentalism, sexual harassment, women's rights, body image and government interference in parenting. Even after all that, the biggest lesson we garnered was learning who was not the mama.

10. "Step By Step” also taught us acceptance. Step-siblings and step-parents can be hard. Here are some ways to cope with that:

11. "Hangin With Mr. Cooper” made sure we knew that life does goes on after the NBA.