'The Voice' Recap: Did You Get Adam Levine's Phone Number?

The top 10 artists sang for America's vote, and America kept calling Adam Levine.

By Emilie Cruz

As the top 10 on "The Voice" continued to sing for America's votes Monday night (April 28), Christina Grimmie proved herself to be a frontrunner in the competition while Blake Shelton answered all of our prayers by tweeting Adam Levine's personal cell number.

Before it got down to the nitty-gritty, though, MTV's Artist-to-Watch Rixton made their U.S. television premiere with a performance of their current hit "Me and My Broken Heart," getting a standing ovation — and an air drum jam session — from Usher and Shelton.

Then came the tweet that changed everything: Shelton, who threatened to leak Levine's cell number earlier in the day, made good on his promise. Levine tried to call his bluff, but soon his phone was ringing off the hook. Unfortunately for us, the line was busy the six times we tried calling — but we promise we were only calling for a quote from either coach!

(Shelton's tweet has since been removed.)

After it was all said and done, and the top 10 laid their hearts on their stage, we compiled our top three favorite performances from the night:

Hold On, She Ain't Goin' Home

Team Adam's Christina Grimmie definitely put an impressive gap between herself and the rest of the pack after her stellar performance of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home." The 20-year-old took a completely different approach to the smash hit, opting to play the piano for an acoustic arrangement, and blowing the audience away with her high notes and incredible falsettos. She got a standing ovation from her coach who praised her for "trailblazing" the competition. Fellow coach Shelton admired Grimmie's evident transition from singer to artist.

Shakira's Onion

Kristen Merlin proved herself last week when she bounced back from her microphone shutting off mid-performance, and while this week's performance was free of any technical difficulties, the singer continued to gain respect and love from the coaches and audience. The country singer chose to sing Passenger's "Let Her Go," and while Shelton admitted he was initially worried about her non-country selection, Merlin's performance turned out to be his favorite thus far. Shakira gave her singer a standing ovation before comparing her ability to pull back layer after emotional layer to an onion.

New Roof, Please

Team Blake's Sisaundra Lewis closed out the show with a mind-blowing performance of Journey's "Oh, Sherrie." Shelton thought it'd be as good a time as any to "rattle the cage" of the competition, so the soulful Lewis hit the stage with the classic rock song. Fellow coach Levine matter-of-factly noted that "The Voice" is now in dire need of a new roof after her performance, and praised the singer for consistently giving performances that are "out of this atmosphere." Shelton gave his singer a standing ovation before thanking her for making him look so smart.

Be sure to tune in Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on NBC as two more artists are sent home.