Scans: Cheap Trick, Yo La Tengo, Hanson, Robyn Hitchcock...

Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, the occasional Rolling Stone contributor who was fired from his copy boy position by

Time magazine over 40 years ago, is featured in Time's pages with his article "Fear and Loathing in Hollywood: Doomed Love at the Taco

Stand." The florid piece is a personal account of Thompson's impressions of the set for the upcoming film based on his 1971 book Fear and

Loathing in Las Vegas, which stars Johnny Depp... A Cheap Trick home video previously available only in Australia will be

released on Dec. 9. The 50-minute video, Cheap Trick: Live in Australia, was shot in Sydney in 1988...

As if one Spice Girls wasn't enough, Geffen Records is aiming to launch their own Spice band, dubbed she moves. The

female trio comprised of New York Knicks basketball cheerleaders will release their debut on Nov. 18... The grand piano-toting Ben

Folds Five will offer up some Naked Baby Photos on Jan. 13. The album features five previously unavailable studio recordings,

three rare tracks and eight live performances...

In a pressing snafu, music fans in Houston and Atlanta who thought they were buying new R&B group 4.0 debut, actually took home

the Spanish-language version of Boyz II Men's Evolution.... Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew will

release his third solo album under the name Dump in mid-January. The album, A Plea for Tenderness CD, is 16 tracks worth

of home-recorded lo-fi sampling and noise collage, fuzzy acoustic love songs and oddball covers of Roky Erickson, Ernest Noyes

Brookings and Robert Knight...

Pop sensations Hanson will join the ranks of Barry Manilow and Bing Crosby on Nov. 18 with their chirpy album

of Christmas standards and fresh tracks, Snowed In. Among the new tracks penned by the sugary sweet Oklahoma brothers for the

album are: "The Funky Side of Santa Claus," "At Christmas," "Christmas Time" and the tried and true standards "Silent Night Medley," "White

Christmas" and "Little St. Nick." The group will release a home video, Tulsa, Tokyo & The Middle of Nowhere on Nov. 25...

Finally, the Robyn Hitchcock documentary, Storefront Hitchcock, will be released theatrically in March of 1998. The

90-minute film, shot by acclaimed director Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Stop Making Sense) was shot on Dec. 10-11

of last year in a New York storefront that used to house an unemployment office. The 15-song soundtrack will be released on Feb. 28.

(ATN's Senior Writer Gil Kaufman compiled this report.) [Sat., Nov. 8, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]

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