Future ‘Lost All Respect’ For T-Pain After Auto-Tune Criticism

'I wanna stay as far away from that situation as possible,' Future tells MTV News of alleged beef with T-Pain.

T-Pain had some negative things to say about Future’s use of auto-tune last year, and although he later praised the Honest rapper and producer’s song-writing skills, it seems to be too late to make amends.

Future tells MTV News that there’s a very slim chance he would ever work with T-Pain after the way things went down.

Last year Pain took to Instagram to call Future “the new T-Pain,” adding in interviews that he didn’t understand how to use auto-tune properly. Those jabs definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

“I would’ve worked with him, easy, before he made those comments,” Future told MTV News’ Sway Calloway, “[But] when he took the jab at me I pretty much just lost all respect for him.”

“Why Me?” he continued. “You could’ve talked to me off the record, or got in contact with me. Before I got in the game, he wasn’t no one I looked up to, but he was someone that I loved his songs. He had the radio on lock. I came in the game on ’Tony Montana,’ I came in on a song like I’m Sprung,’ singing auto-tune. Then I did ’Turn on the Lights,’ — that don’t sound like no T-Pain.”

And even after T-Pain tried to backtrack, it was already too late.

“I don’t look at him the same no more, because you’ve gotta respect the man as a man,” Future said. “You can’t say something then try to take it back. I know how you really feel. You can’t show your hand and try to hide it again.

“It ain’t like I got into beef with him, I just wanna stay as far away from that situation as possible. ”

Future’s Honest album is in stores now. Stay tuned for more from our interview with the Atlanta rapper and producer.

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