Steve Aoki Spills Details On New Album With Waka Flocka, Fall Out Boy

DJ/producer takes MTV News behind Neon Future

Steve Aoki fans, rejoice: On August 12, the first part of Neon Future will be releaed, and he'll follow it up with his first headlining show at Madison Square Garden.

Neon Future 1, Aoki's follow up to Wonderland, includes heavy-hitter features from Fall Out Boy, Waka Flocka Flame and Empire of the Sun, to name a few.

According to Aoki, Neon Future is a world of its own. "Conceptually, it's based around a positive outlook towards a utopian future," He explained to MTV News. "Ideas of living forever are real and nano-technology, artificial intelligence and all those concepts are happening."

Aoki credits his fascination with this world to scientist and author Ray Kurzweil. "He's the man who's behind the idea of singularity," Aoki said. "It's that point where, like, we can live forever. Where we transcend past our humanity with our technology."

While Aoki will dive emotionally deeper into the subject on Neon Future 2, he describes Neon Future 1 as an introduction to the "musical landscape" of that world. It includes the already released single with Waka Flocka Flame, "Rage the Night Away," which the two created while on the road together.

According to Aoki, no one could have done that track with him the way Waka did. "He is one of the most hyped entertainers, hip-hop artists, I've ever seen."

Four days after the Neon Future 1 is released Steve Aoki will headline his first show at Madison Square Garden, which he has deemed "the most significant show" of his career. "I woke up this morning realizing that this not a dream, you know. Like, this is a dream to be playing MSG. This is something that like DJ's don't even expect as part of our trajectory."