Disney Is Making ‘It’s A Small World’ Movie: Here’s 6 Ideas For The Plot

'National Treasure' director will helm the theme-park adaptation, so MTV News gives him some help.

It’s a small world after all … at least for Hollywood execs.

Disney announced Wednesday (April 23) that Jon Turteltaub, director of the “National Treasure” movies, would be making its famous ride “It’s a Small World” into a very large feature film.

Ever since “Pirates of the Caribbean” made a gazillion dollars, Disney has been looking for the next big theme park adaptation, trying and failing with “The Haunted Mansion” and “The Country Bears.” Leaning on little nostalgia the movie, like the famous song, may prove irresistible to moviegoers in every language.

The only problem? The ride didn’t exactly have much of a story. But don’t worry, Disney! We’ve thought of seven possible plots that’ll make “It’s A Small World” into the biggest movie event of the year.

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