'Marshmallow Peeps' The Movie Is Coming, But Who Will Star?

The candy celebrities of the peep world are ready for their closeup.

Fresh on the heels of the Lego movie, yet another colorful staple of your childhood looks to be headed for Hollywood! According to Deadline, a deal has officially been inked for the development of a feature film about everyone's favorite nutritionally suspect springtime candy, marshmallow peeps.

The pitch that sold the Just Born candy company on doing a big-screen peep show (sorry, we had to): a fun family drama, about an adventurous young Peep who gets separated from his sugared brethren on the eve of a championship Peep diorama contest.

Needless to say, this is quite the exciting break for a candy that's been waiting for its moment in the spotlight since 1953. But which A-list celebs from this marshmallow world will be chosen to headline the film? Let's profile some likely peeps.

James Van Der Peep

After his big break on 1990s teen TV drama "Dawson's Peep," followed by years of relative obscurity as a small-screen bit player, this peep is so very ready to make a big, splashy comeback.

Leighton Peepster

Similarly, years of playing an upperclass marshmallow elite on the small screen have primed this talented young peep for the transition to feature films.

Justin Peeper

Fresh from a series of legal battles with a member of the peeparazzi, this popstar problem child of the peep world is looking to make a career change that will give him a fresh start.

Meryl Peep

The de facto grande dame of sugared celebrities, Meryl Peep is a classy chick who would lend an air of gravitas to the Peeps movie.

Liam Peepson

A craggy-looking peep with a very particular set of skills, this bona fide action star can kick the butt of a chocolate rabbit twice his size.

The Rock

The perfect pick for this movie's antagonist. After coming off a production line sometime in the 1970s, The Rock somehow managed to avoid being eaten and remains intact to this day — with an on-screen persona as tough, stale, and impenetrable as his ancient marshmallow filling.

Which peeps do you want to see in the Peeps movie? Let us know in the comments below!