Kanye West Almost Had James Franco And Seth Rogen Perform 'Bound 2' Parody At His Wedding

Apparently Kanye 'loved' the spoof.

Who says Kanye West can't take a joke? Maybe he wasn't into Jimmy Kimmel poking fun at him, but apparently 'Ye was a big fan of James Franco and Seth Rogen's "Bound 2" parody.

The two actors had a ball when the Yeezus video dropped in November, recreating all of those awkward bike-riding scenes while playing the roles of Kim and Kanye in a clip they called "Bound 3."

Apparently, KimYe liked it so much they wanted to have Rogen and Franco perform the parody at their upcoming wedding. During a visit to The View on Tuesday, Franco explained that it took some time, but they did finally hear from 'Ye.

"We did get feedback," Franco explained, "Kim loved the video and we didn't hear back from Kanye so we kind of felt like he's not bashing us, but he probably hates it but he's not going to say anything.

"But then two weeks ago, we got a call from Kanye," he continued. "Seth and I were on the phone. We thought he was just going to let us have it. But he loved it. And I'm pretty sure I can say it now because I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen. He wanted us to perform it live the night before his wedding at Versailles."

It's a shame that KimYe didn't lock in this entertainment, but maybe Franco is right. Things could've gotten a little awkward. "I think it would have been awesome for about 10 seconds, but then there would be Seth with his shirt off in front of all the Kardashians," he joked.