Dame Dash Sides With 50 Cent In Steve Stoute Feud

Dash shares a photo of Fif's confrontation with Stoute, adding his own thoughts to the mix.

50 Cent can count Dame Dash as a supporter in his feud with Steve Stoute.

During a promotional interview with Hot 97 for his "Tanning of America" series in February, Stoute had some less than pleasant things to say about 50's career, and of course the G-Unit rapper eventually confronted him about it.

"He hasn't had a hit in a really long time. He has not made anything musically that's changed anything in a very long time," Stoute said at the time. That was followed by the now infamous photo (below) of Fif getting in Steve Stoute's face at a NY Knicks game, but it turns out that he isn't the only one with a bone to pick.

This weekend Dame Dash unexpectedly took to Instagram to air out his own grievances with the former label executive and marketing mogul. He posted a photo of the confrontation and added his thoughts to the mix.

"Ha!...Steve Stout stays getting punked....but I have to agree with 50 on this one...he is one of the most dangerous people in our culture," Dame wrote.

"He makes artist from our culture make themselves corny by working for corperate so he can personally gain...he's wack and he makes everyone around him look wack...beware he's independent and there is no record company to blame, his aggressive content will get on the air."

Hard to say what triggered the post from Dame, but 50's history with Stoute is well-documented. In March he told MTV News that Steve Stoute attempted to talk him out of signing a record deal with Eminem back in 2002.

"Don't do the deal with the white boy," is apparently the advice Stoute passed along over a decade ago.

"At the time, Em was doing ['Purple Pills' with D12], so he's thinking [Eminem's] a joke," 50 explained. "Of course, I did the deal with the white boy because Em is the only one that showed interest in me. He's my favorite white boy."