'Mrs. Doubtfire' Sequel: How To Deal With This Run-By Fruiting In GIFs

21 years have gone by, and now it's time for a sequel. What?!

There are certain pranks you can really only expect to pull off successfully once per lifetime. Cover a toilet bowl in saran wrap and the prankee will clean up urine one time and learn their lesson for life. Certain other pranks, however, can be pulled off exactly one time, by one person, ever. Barring a black hole supernova time-space continuum event, that noise is going to fly exactly one time.

"Mrs. Doubtfire" is one of those rare birds. Anyone else's dad ever tries to put on a dress and wield a feather duster, professional prosthetics applied by Harvey Fierstein or no, every human everywhere is gonna be like, "yeah, we're onto you."

That in mind, please forgive us if we're not quite jumping for joy at the news that there's active work being done to make a sequel to the 1993 classic.

Here's how we're coping.

Try And Hide

Who? Me? Where?

Get Mad

Well, take that.

Get A Little Indignant

Yeah, we are. And they haven't even gotten in touch with Mara Wilson!

Face The Truth

Let's all just see everything for what it really is.

Remember What's Really Important

Re-watch the original and calm down a little, and then...

Just Lean Into It

Accept that which you cannot change.