The 'Gone Girl' Trailer: What Was Missing?

We can't wait until October to answer these questions.

I don't know about you, but I've probably watched the trailer for "Gone Girl" about 15 times already, combing through for clues as to how Gillian Flynn's amazing novel will look on screen. And although there's a lot in there to unpack, there are still a few things I hope will appear in the next teaser.

"Gone Girl" tells the tale of a couple of down-on-their luck New York writers — Amy (Rosamund Pike) and Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) — who relocate to Nick's hometown of North Carthage, Missouri, where their marriage starts to unravel — and fast.

When Amy disappears — perhaps violently — Nick is forced to deal with the fallout, as well as accusations by the police and public that he is to blame.

The trailer does a wonderful job of setting up the drama and tension — depicting Nick's panic as the police and public find more and more reason to blame him for Amy's disappearance, all the while underscored by a superbly dissonant cover of Charles Aznavour's "She," as performed by Richard Butler from Psychedelic Furs.

Still, there are some aspects absent in the trailer that I'm aching to see — although they're likely absent for good reason.


For those who have read the book, you'll know that Amy isn't actually dead or missing — she framed Nick as part of some elaborate revenge plot. Still, Flynn has told press that the end of the film differs wildly from the end of the book, which means that the trailer is as mysterious to "Gone Girl" fans as it is to your Average Unaware Joe.

Obviously, directer David Fincher and Co. aren't going to give it all away before the film hits screens on October 3, but perhaps some more scraps could be thrown our way in the meantime? Here's a few humble suggestions:

1. Show Us Neil Patrick Harris

In the flick, NPH plays Desi, a former boyfriend of Amy's who is obsessed with the woman. After running away from Nick — and faking her own death — Amy seeks refuge with her ex, who keeps her in a kind of gilded cage full of what he thinks are her favorite flowers: tulips. Naturally, Amy rewards his creepy kindness in her own special way (death).

I'd love to see how NPH handles the role, and what the film has in store for his character. Does he die? Does he get to wear all kinds of snazzy suits, ala Barney Stinson (RIP)? Does he die?! The public needs to know.

2. Does The Film Have Dual POVs?

In the book, we get both Amy and Nick's narration. We're not sure yet how this will manifest in the movie, but the film seems to follow Nick and Nick alone. I'm guessing whether Amy gets a voice will depend on how the ending is handled. Maybe toss us a hint here, pals?

3. Can We See Nick's Mistress?

Nick might not have killed his wife (at least in the book), but he isn't perfect by any means — he has a mistress, a younger woman named Andie Hardy (played by "Blurred Lines" model Emily Ratajkowski). Let's see what their onscreen chemistry is like.

4. Can We Flip Through "Amazing Amy"?

Amy is the inspiration for a popular book series penned by her parents. Can we get a sneak peek at the cover of "Amazing Amy and the Big Day"?

5. Will We See Amy's Transformation?

Again, we're not sure yet how the movie will end, but it would definitely be cool to see Amy's fugitive chic — or, rather drab, disguise.

6. Can We Hear More Of Trent Reznor's Score?

You can currently preview Reznor and collaborator Atticus Ross' score on the film's website — but we require more musical creepiness!

7. Can We Please Get A Hint As To How It Ends?

In the current trailer, there's a flash of Amy, submerged in water, presumably dead. This does not happen in the book.

Does she die in the film? Does Nick kill her? Is that scene part of some twisted fantasy? Give us a clue, guys! Even if she's not dying, we certainly are.