We Asked Everyone At The MTV Movie Awards If They're In 'Star Wars'

...And two people actually admitted to auditioning.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" has already started filming, and no one has any idea who is starring in the thing. There are rumors about unknowns, Adam Driver and actors returning from the original trilogy, but it's just a lot of talk at this point.

With so many stars walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, I figured I was bound to talk to someone who is actually in "Star Wars: Episode VII."

So I asked literally everyone.

Now, obviously some of the people attending the Movie Awards wouldn't ever come within a light year of "Episode VII," but I had to be thorough. It didn't matter if it was "The Fault in Our Stars" author John Green or Grumpy Cat.

One of the things we know for sure about J.J. Abrams' casting process is that he auditioned a lot of people, so the odds were in my favor. In my blanket questioning, I actually met two people who had tested: Ansel Elgort from "Divergent" and Beau Mirchoff from MTV's "Awkward."

Both young men admitted to trying out for a role, but only Elgort had got a definitive answer about his audition. He heard that he wouldn't be in the movie, but Mirchoff could only assume that he didn't get it, since he hasn't heard anything.

While I couldn't find out for sure who would be starring in "Star Wars: Episode VII," I was able to scratch a few names off the list of potential cast members.

So to anyone who was looking forward to seeing Grumpy Cat in "Episode VII," my condolences.