Mac Miller On Success: 'I Did It All Without A Drake Feature'

Pittsburgh native debuted new songs over the weekend.

Mac Miller has been one of hip-hop's finest examples of paving a do-it-yourself path over the last few years. It's not simply that he's built his sizeable following and released albums absent of the backing of a major label, though.

"I did it all without a Drake feature," the Pittsburgh native raps on a new song, which he debuted live in concert in his hometown on Friday.

The line seems more like a self-affirmation than a slight at Drizzy. In fact, Miller has sung the Young Money rapper's praises multiple times this year.

"If you look at a Drake, you can say he's kind of been knocking down this door," Mac told MTV News in January. "Like, 'I wanna be accepted on a level as a Jay Z and a Kanye.' And he's probably been feeling that way for a long time, but it just happens when it's supposed to happen. Now, finally, you see Drake and Kanye, putting him up where he's supposed to be."

Also in January, the 22-year-old explained his philosophy for this year. "This is the name of the game for 2014: D.A.D.D.: Do As Drake Does," he said during an interview with KYLD 94.9 in San Francisco. "Because Drake got the game on lock. If you wanna watch how anyone releases music and puts out an album, watch Drake."

He'll likely find himself following that advice a number of times in the coming months. Mac also told MTV News that he has plans to drop a handful of projects before the year's out. "I have four albums done right now — not done, but four albums that have a foundation and have at least seven songs on each of them," he said.

The untitled song with the Drake line was one of three that the Most Dope MC debuted during his set at the Carnegie Mellon University Spring Carnival Concert over the weekend. He teased new joints called "Insomnia" and "Therapy," as well.

The tracks likely will be included on his upcoming mixtape, which is set to drop on Mother's Day.