Watch 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' In Vine Form

These flicks got Vine'd-out homages from Conan O'Brien at the 2014 Movie Awards.

Comedic shorts from Conan O'Brien — is there anything better? America's favorite lanky gingerman kicked off the 2014 MTV Movie Awards with several video homages to the biggest and brightest of 2013 like any self-respecting modern human would: through Vine videos. Both "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "American Hustle" got the Vine treatment. Other harbingers of our modern times — product placement and mash-ups — also got in on the gag.

The whole evening kicked off with a clusterf---ery of cameos — 50, in total — no doubt an homage to films like "This Is the End," "The Avengers" and other similarly celebrity-stacked films.

But the funny didn't stop there. O'Brien decided to keep the hahas going with a few more updated takes on the year's top films. Like...

"The Wolf of Wall Street," Vine Edition

Yelling. Booze. Midget-tossing. McConaughey chest-beating. Sweet, sweet DiCaprio dance action. Yeah, that's pretty much the film in a nutshell.

"American Hustle," Vine Edition

Art. Lots and lots (and lots!) of liars. Ass-slapping. Jennifer Lawrence! "American Hustle" has everything, you guys.

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug": Best Product Placement

Is anything more natural than seeing Pepsi in its natural habitat — Erebor? The answer is no, of course.

Best KissFight

Will Arnett and Conan know the most deadly way to fight is with bright red smooches. I mean, sometimes that pigmentation is seriously hard to wash off, not to mention a total vibe-killer.