16 Other Ways Jessica Alba Could Have Mispronounced Zac Efron

Alba's pronunciation of Efron's name was... Interesting.

While it wasn't quite the Adele Dazeem moment John Travolta dropped at the Oscars, Jessica Alba's pronunciation of Zac Efron's name as he accepted Best Shirtless Performance at the MTV Movie Awards was... Interesting.

Instead of eff-ron, Alba said something that sounded a lot more like Zac Eef-ron. Which isn't right? Jessica? You know?

Still, it could have been worse. Alba could have dropped one of the following pronunciations:

1. Zac Afron

2. Zac Akon

3. Zac Morris

4. Mac Miller

5. Zac Oopsfron

6. Zac Freon

7. Zac Uh-fron

8. Zeke Free On

9. Zac Effin

10. Zac Efrohnooooooooooo

11. Zadele Eezeem

12. Zeefron Ak

13. Mac Ebomb

14. Snack Sniffon

15. Snarf Thundercaton

16. Justin Bieber