'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Exclusive: Beware The Sinister Six

Electro is only the beginning, as Peter Parker prepares to battle his most formidable foes yet.

In a few short weeks, Peter Parker will engage in his toughest battle yet, spinning webs against the likes of Max "Electro" Dillon, an armored-up Rhino, and even one of Peter's oldest friends, Harry Osborn, the newly-minted Oscorp leader who undergoes a terrible transformation of his own.

But by our count, that's only three villains — shouldn't there be at least three more, if we're talking about the Sinister Six?

That's right: Sony has its eyes on a new "Spider-Man" spinoff franchise of its own, "Sinister Six," centered on some of Spidey's most notorious villains. Will we see all six of these nemeses rally in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," or will we have to wait until years from now for that get-together?

Find out with us in the latest chapter of "MTV's Secrets Revealed: The Amazing Spider-Man 2," all about Spidey's Sinister Six.

What We Know

"Cabin in the Woods" filmmaker Drew Goddard has been linked to writing and directing a "Sinister Six" movie, though any further details beyond that point are unknown. What is known, however, is that Sony plans to launch a "Sinister Six" movie in the future, as part of an initiative to release new "Spider-Man" movies on a faster schedule.

Which Spider-Man rogues can we expect to see in the "Sinister Six" film? At this point, it's impossible to say. And don't bother asking Andrew Garfield if we'll get the answer in "Amazing Spider-Man 2."

"Do you really want to know," he asked MTV's Josh Horowitz, "or do you just want to see the film?"

The Premise

Even if he wouldn't reveal the villains that comprise the "Spider-Man" movie-universe's version of the Sinister Six, Garfield offered up a tantalizing tease for what these bad guys represent.

"'The Avengers' was such a great movie; what about 'The Avengers' for villains?" he posited. "Spider-Man is kind of there on the fringes, but it's about how a band of villains gets together. That's an awesome film. That's a film I'd be excited to see."

Us too!

The Seeds

Like Garfield, director Marc Webb remains cagey on the subject of the Sinister Six. His focus is on making worthwhile versions of Rhino, Green Goblin and Electro in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." But even Webb has his eye on the "Sinister" future, teasing some hints to come in the upcoming "Amazing" sequel.

"You'll see some tentacles," he hinted. "You'll see some wings."

Can we take that as confirmation that Doc Ock and Vulture are part of the Sinister Six? Or are these nothing more than Easter eggs? Time will have to tell.

The Electro

It's far too soon to say how "Amazing Spider-Man 2" will end the Electro storyline. Oscorp scientist Max Dillon is about to transform into the electrically-charged villain; will his story end when the movie ends, or will he live to fight another day as part of the Sinister Six?

For his part, Jamie Foxx wouldn't offer definitive details about what happens to his "Spider-Man" character by the end of the movie, only speculating on the possibilities — and to hear him tell it, no matter what happens to Electro, the character can and should have a seat at the Sinister Six table.

"All I can tell you is when they get to choosing people, Electro is [made of] electricity," he said. "So he can never die; he'll just go to a different place."

The Greatest Battle

No matter who wins up in "Sinister Six," or when it arrives, there's no doubt that Spider-Man is on a collision course with his deadliest adversaries yet.

"As the film's tag line suggests, [the Sinister Six] is a way to tease out Spider-Man's greatest battle," said Webb. "He's going to have to confront some extraordinary obstacles."

He added, "I think it's safe to say that the Sinister Six will figure rather prominently in Spider-Man's future."

"MTV's Secrets Revealed: The Amazing Spider-Man 2" will continue in the coming weeks featuring interviews with more of the stars, exclusive art, behind the scenes footage and massive reveals about the upcoming movie — and beyond.

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"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hits theaters on May 2.