'Spider-Man' Spinoff: Here's Your 'Sinister Six' Director

'Cabin in the Woods' filmmaker Drew Goddard has been tapped to direct Sony's 'Amazing Spider-Man' spinoff.

In a few short weeks, Peter Parker battles three of his deadliest enemies yet: Max "Electro" Dillon, Harry "Green Goblin" Osborn and Aleksei "Rhino" Sytsevich.

But in a matter of years, Spider-Man's villain count will grow even larger and deadlier. That's because Sony plans to unveil "Sinister Six," a new "Amazing Spider-Man" spinoff, in theaters, as part of the studio's new initiative to expand its line of "Spider-Man" movies.

Drew Goddard, the director and co-writer behind cult horror classic "Cabin in the Woods," was previously tapped to write the "Sinister Six" screenplay. And now, it looks like he'll swing into action as the film's director, based on new information revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Even with Goddard writing and directing "Sinister Six," several questions still surround the "Spider-Man" spinoff. For one, which villains will we see in a "Sinister Six" movie? Virtually every Spider-Man villain has occupied a "sinister" seat at some point in time, and one has to wonder if upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man 2" baddies Electro, Goblin and Rhino will survive long enough to make it to "Sinister Six."

Could Curt "Lizard" Connors come out of retirement for Goddard's take on the Sinister Six? How about Doc Ock, or the Vulture, as both of those characters have been teased in the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" marketing?

No matter who populates Goddard's "Sinister Six," it will likely be a while before we receive any official confirmation one way or the other. Sony has plans to release "Amazing Spider-Man 3" and "Amazing Spider-Man 4" in 2016 and 2018, so unless "Sinister Six" gets fast-tracked, it could be a while before we see Goddard's super-villain team-up come to life.

Beyond "Sinister Six," Sony is also planning a "Venom" spinoff, written and directed by Alex Kurtzman. For Sony, it appears now is a good time to be bad.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" swings into theaters on May 2.