‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Premiere: 11 Burning Questions About ‘Two Swords’

How about that Red Viper? How about those dragons? Those questions and more in our morning-after 'Game of Thrones' coverage!

Well — what did you think?

Are you concerned for Arya Stark yet? Are you eager to see how Daenerys repays the Meereenese for the blatant brutality exhibited by the “mile markers” along the road? Are you as turned on by the Red Viper and his paramour as we are?

Those are just a few of our burning questions after watching the “Game of Thrones” season four premiere . Here are 11 more.

1. Was that really necessary, Tywin?
Okay, we get the fact that you have an “absurdly large” Valyrian sword at your disposal. We understand that it makes sense to make use of said sword now that it no longer has an owner. But melting down Ice into two swords, while practical, was absolutely heart-shattering for fans of the endangered House Stark. And that dire wolf on the flames — that was a step too far, even for cruel, calculated Tywin.

2. “Do you know how many people in King’s Landing would love to see the King’s head on a pike?”
A lot, Ser Jaime. A lot. Indeed, we can add Jaime to that list, given the way his son, er, nephew, taunted him about “the Kingslayer” and his various misdeeds as a member of the Kingsguard. If your own father, ahem, uncle can’t even look upon you with fondness, then you know you’re a loathsome son-of-a-what.

3. Why is Cersei so mad at Jaime?
Why is she so mad at her twin lover? Is she really upset that he “took too long” to break out of Stark captivity and return to King’s Landing? That seems a bit … much? It helps to recognize that Cersei is very clearly depressed, and very clearly drinking too much. But can she dial it back enough to have a genuinely heartfelt reunion with Jaime? Or has that ship sailed?

4. So, how about that Red Viper?
How much do you love this character? He swings both ways (or “my way,” as he’d describe it), he’s quick on the draw, he knows how to make people bleed, and he hates Lannisters more than anyone we’ve seen on the show, with the possible exception of the Starks. Pedro Pascal walked into this role and absolutely owned it, delivering one of the best character debuts the show has ever seen. More, please!

5. And how about the Red Viper’s paramour?
Let’s not overlook Ellaria Sand, played by Indira Varma of “Rome” and “Luther” fame. Oberyn’s lover and a noble-born bastard from Dorne, Ellaria exudes the same sexy confidence as the Red Viper, if not necessarily his ability to draw blood from his enemies. But time will tell on that front. I’d hate to see what she might do to her more “timid” of enemies.

6. Do you remember Ser Dontos?
It’s forgivable if you don’t. The fool who gave Sansa the necklace, a family heirloom, hasn’t been seen since the season two premiere. Now, he’s back with a present for Tyrion Lannister’s young bride. Why is Dontos back in the mix now? What possible reason does the show have to bring him back? Surely we’ll find out in the weeks ahead.

7. What are they feeding those dragons?
Some time has passed between the events of season three’s finale and the events of season four’s premiere. Still, Dany’s dragons have gotten huge. What are they feeding them out there in Essos? And can they be tamed? Drogon snapping his jaws at Dany was one of the more alarming images we’ve seen on “Game of Thrones” since … well, since Drogon was born, frankly.

8. Where is Daario Naharis?
He’s still around, you just might not know it if you aren’t paying close enough attention. Ed Skrein, who played Daario last season, has left the show. In his place is Michiel Huisman, who plays Daario as a calmer, considerably more bearded character than the pretty-boy confidence Skrein brought to the table. It’s a bit jarring to see a completely different actor in the Daario role, but we’ll have to accept it and move on.

9. Who is running the Night’s Watch?
Alliser Thorne is acting commander, and that’s bad news for Jon Snow — those two never got along. Even worse, however, is the arrival of Janos Slynt. He’s the former City Watch commander who now serves as a higher-up on the Night’s Watch. He’s also one of the men who betrayed Ned Stark and directly led to the Lord of Winterfell’s execution so many episodes ago. Once Jon makes that connection, you can count on fireworks of the highest order.

10. What the heck is a Thenn?
Tormund Giantsbane and Ygritte have some new company in the form of the Thenns, a monstrous clan of free folk who feast on crow — or, more to the point, humans. That’s right: They eat people. Just like the cannibals at “Walking Dead’s” Terminus, except bigger and taller. Styr is the main Thenn, and he looks like an integral player in the coming attack on the Wall. I wouldn’t want to get between him and his supper.

11. Something wrong with your leg?
ARYA! Oh, wow. What more can we say? It was very satisfying to see her enact vengeance upon Polliver. Rest in peace, Lommy Greenhands. But aren’t you a little bit worried about the hotheaded wolf? Sure, she has Needle back. Sure, she can handle herself. But she also has a murderous streak going on right now. That’s not a healthy headspace for such a young child. It might yield some riveting television going forward, but it’s alarming for Arya’s future, to say the least.

What did you think of the “Game of Thrones” season premiere?

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