Scarface Plots Return With New Album... And A Book

Six years after Emeritus, the Houston rapper is back with Deeply Rooted.

Guess who's bizack? Legendary Houston rapper Scarface. That's right, six years after dropping what was supposed to be his last album, 2008's Emeritus, the Geto Boys icon is planning his return with a new solo album and book tentatively titled Deeply Rooted.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video, "The Road To #DeeplyRooted," a noticeably svelte Face talks about his two new projects.

"I talk about my life," Face said of the book he's co-writing with notable hip-hop writer Benjamin Meadows-Ingram. "I talk about the good times, the bad times, the game's the same, you know. It don't switch. The same rules apply in this game as it did in the other games that we played. You play that motherf--ker, you win and you get out the way."

The three-minute clip, which begins with a montage of the rapper born Brad Jordan taking photos and architecting the construction of his tracks in New York's Engine Room studio, features a hard-hitting snippet of a previously unheard song laced with Face's unmistakable flow: "Greatest ever done it, you can learn from it/dope game ran it, rap game run it, street cred 100."

"I'm working with Face on his book," Meadows-Ingram said. "He's a legend. It's an honor and a privilege to work on the project. It just means a lot."

Always outspoken, Face shows off his latest politically charged tattoo that he's dubbed "American Justice." The tat, located on his arm, features an artistic rendering of his view of the legal system, complete with drawings of Klansmen, the U.S. flag, shackles, chains and a black man being hanged.

There's no explanation for Face's slimmed-down physique, but he does touch on it while clarifying his reason for taking new pictures.

"I got tired of them using the motherf--kin' photos of me fat and sh-t for my concert, so I just figured I'd shoot some more shots," he explained.

Before wrapping up his photo shoot with photographer Ray Yau, Face demands that Schoolboy Q's hit single "Man of the Year" be queued up on the sound system because it "seems like I'm coming out on stage."

No word on a release date for Deeply Rooted, but fans chomping at the bit to hear Scarface's signature, pathos-laden lyrics can find him on Freddie Gibbs "Broken" from his recently released LP, Pinata.