Want Another Wale And J. Cole Collab? It's Coming

The rapper talks to MTV News about his Every Blue Moon imprint and what Album About Nothing will be like.

Wale released "Sunshine (Remix)," featuring Rick Ross and Common, on Monday night, and although the song — originally from June's The Gifted — didn't feature a new verse from Wale, fans can certainly expect some new rhymes before long.

In February, he tweeted that his fourth solo album, Album About Nothing, would hit stores in the fall. Though details on the project have been scarce, the wheels are in motion behind-the-scenes.

"I'm working a lot," the rapper told MTV News. "I'm doing a lot with J. Cole. I worked with DJ Premier so far. And I'm working with a lot of producers under my camp, Every Blue Moon."

In the months since Wale launched EveryBlueMoon.com in January, he's been working with visual artists and fashion designers, promoting the new imprint with the occasional #everybluemoon hashtag in his tweets.

"Every Blue Moon is my imprint," he explained. "It's not just for recording artists. We're collaborating with painters. I've collaborated with [visual artist] Jay West. He's not signed to me, but I've collaborated with him. We're gonna do a lot of stuff in the fashion world, as well. I'm working with my man Brock Korsan, he's A&Ring the project, along with Dallas Martin. And I'm doing a lot of things with Nicky Diamonds."

"I just wanna affect the culture and wanna be able to support young people with goals that aren't just limited to rapping and producing."

As for the "Sunshine (Remix)," the Maybach Music Group MC said that he initially planned to pen a new verse. "I really love what I said [on] the original version," he said. "I started writing and I couldn't find another way to say what I was already saying. I didn't even wanna do a remix initially, because I felt so strongly about the record. But Common and Ross on the record together, I didn't want to turn the opportunity down. That record's very important to me. [There were] certain things about that joint that I was going through mentally in my life, that that song helped me get through."

And when it does come time for those new verses, whether alongside J. Cole or over some Premier production, you can bet Wale will be bearing his soul.

"I make music from the heart," he said. "My emotions are the colors. My emotions are the accents to the picture that I'm painting. Without those, you got a bland-ass picture. Everybody can't be the dope boy, extra cocky, swag. Nah, I'm natural. I feel like the dichotomy of a human being should show in your music."