LaBeouf Still Not Famous, Replaced In Upcoming Indie Film

Scott Caan to take over for scandal-wracked Shia in 'Rock the Kasbah'.

So long, Shia! With Mr. LaBeouf apparently making a break with Hollywood, it'll be Scott Caan who rocks the kasbah in an upcoming indie flick.

According to Variety, the "Hawaii Five-0" star has stepped in on very short notice to play a conman in comedy "Rock the Kasbah."

The role was left vacant when LaBeouf, who had been attached to the film amidst a plagiarism scandal and public meltdown, departed suddenly from the production.

The movie stars Bill Murray and boasts an A-list cast including Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride and Zooey Deschanel. Murray will play a has-been music producer who finds himself stranded in Afghanistan, only to encounter a young, undiscovered musical talent who could be his big comeback project. Shooting is set to begin this summer.

For Caan, this won't be his first foray into playing a slick, sleazy con artist. A veteran of the "Oceans Eleven" franchise, he's been pulling off heists, scams and swindles onscreen since 2001 — although lately, he's best known for being on the right side of the law as a proud member of Hawaii's best small-screen police force.

Meanwhile, LaBeouf's exit from "Rock the Kasbah" leaves him with zero upcoming projects in Hollywood, with the exception of the already-completed WWII film "Fury."

It remains to be seen whether he'll show up in November to promote that movie's release, but with nothing on his schedule and no statement forthcoming from the actor, this might actually be Shia making good on his promise to retire completely from public life.

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