Images Released Of Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note

Additional photos of Cobain's death scene are released by the Seattle Police Department.

As the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death approaches, more photos have been released depicting the scene of his suicide.

Last week, Seattle police released previously unseen photos of the scene of Cobain's death on April 5, 1994, featuring what appears to be drug paraphernalia, as well as pair of sunglasses, a pack of cigarettes, a towel and a wallet.

On Friday (March 28), several more images have come to light, including photos of Cobain's suicide note, which was found in a planter in the greenhouse impaled by a pen.

The images were revealed when Seattle Police Department Cold Case Detective Mike Ciesynski decided to review the case, anticipating media inquiries about Cobain's suicide prompted by the 20-year anniversary of his death, as well as myriad conspiracies on the subject.

According to CBS News, the department gets at least one request per week to re-open the investigation. In this instance, it was not re-opened, but reviewed.

Four rolls of photos were found while the detective was reviewing the decades' old evidence, according to the Seattle Police Department's website. Evidently, they had never been developed, as Polaroids were also taken of the scene and the death had been ruled a suicide.

Despite the unearthed images, however, that conclusion has not changed. Police are still deeming Cobain's 1994 death self-inflicted.