'The Walking Dead': Predictions For Tonight's Season Finale

All roads lead to Terminus. But is it the end of the line?

It's the end of the line for season four of "The Walking Dead." But is it also the end of the line for one of our beloved heroes?

Tonight's season finale, titled "A," is destined to bring about a gruesome death for at least one of the show's many main characters. All of that talk about "who will arrive" and "who will survive" isn't for show; someone is about to pay the price. But who? And what's the true nature of Terminus?

With only hours left before the show begins, here are our final predictions for the "Walking Dead" finale.

Not All Who Arrive Will Survive

There are some compelling theories that Terminus is not all it's cracked up to be. Is the supposed safe haven secretly a cannibal compound? Are the people who run Terminus kidnapping survivors, like Beth? It can't just be another sanctuary like the prison, can it?

However it shakes out, the very promise of "those who arrive, survive," seems set up for failure. Right now, many main characters have already arrived at Terminus: Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. Count on at least one of these characters to bite the dust tonight.

Terminus Will Not Survive

For that matter, it's entirely possible that Terminus as it currently exists will not make it through the finale. Woodbury fell in season three, the prison fell halfway into season four — if the trend holds, then Terminus will fall tonight.

Chalk it up to internal conflict or an external assault from Joe's Claimers or another party. However it shakes out, Terminus is on a collision course with catastrophe.

Not All Will Arrive

There are still at least three, possibly even four, groups of people who have yet to reach Terminus. Rick, Carl and Michonne are following the tracks. Daryl and Joe's Claimers are right on their tails. Tyreese and Carol are on the way as well. And who knows what the heck happened to Beth.

With so much up in the air, it's hard to imagine every single storyline coming together at Terminus. Some action will take place outside of those flowery walls. Our bet: Joe's Claimers will encounter Rick's group and keep them from getting to their destination. Speaking of which ...

Not All of Rick's Group Will Survive

There's a lot of noise around Andrew Lincoln's appearance on "The Talking Dead" after the finale airs. People are speculating that he's going to die. Hey, it's not impossible. After Shane's death, and after killing the Governor halfway into the season, anything is on the table.

Even if Rick doesn't die, smart money suggests something big and tragic is going to happen in his neck of the woods. Here's my bet: Carl is going to die. The Claimers will catch up with Rick's group and claim Carl's life, sending Rick on a downward spiral of rage and loss. That's my bet for the finale's cliffhanger, and I'm sticking to it.


Daryl Dixon Will Not Survive

The writers have been preparing us for this outcome all season long. Daryl coming out the other side of his self-loathing crucible. Beth telling Daryl that he'll be "the last man standing." Daryl taking a nap in a coffin. Really, the warning signs couldn't be more on the nose if the writers tried.

Losing Norman Reedus would be an enormous blow to "Walking Dead," but there is no other character death that could have a greater impact on the show. People love Daryl. People would hate to lose him. That's exactly what "Walking Dead" is supposed to be: gut-wrenching loss and unpredictable danger at every turn.

I'm not rooting for Daryl to die. I hope he makes it. But I'm preparing myself for his demise. And you should too, just in case.

What do you think will happen on the "Walking Dead" finale?