This Tattoo Artist Didn’t Know He Inspired The ‘Divergent’ Tats

But he'd like them to give him a call.

Tattoo artist Nigel Palmer may have inspired the futuristic tattoos in the “Divergent” film, but he wasn’t aware of that fact until I contacted him to chat about the tats.

“To be honest I didn’t know anything about it,” Palmer told MTV News. “That’s sort of really nice and I didn’t realize that my work is spread around that much. I’m pretty slow at updating my website. I don’t really promote myself. I just do my work.”

In a recent issue of Inked magazine, production designer Andy Nicholson divulged the inspiration behind the bold designs etched onto the back of Four and the collarbone of Tris: Russian constructivist imagery and the work of Palmer, a British tattoo artist.

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