Ariana Grande Teases New Music In Livestream...And Everyone Missed It?

After she had to postpone her Chris Brown duet, Ariana teases four new tunes.

Ariana Grande has been promising her fans that new music will be dropping soon, but apparently she already gave Arianators a little tease of what's ahead... but the Internet didn't seem to notice.

Last week, Ariana conducted a livestream and played "a tiny little taste" of several new songs off her upcoming sophomore album as a "make-up for the terrible terrible news" that her single with Chris Brown, "Don't Be Gone Too Long," was postponed.

A very casual Grande, who was wearing her hair straight as opposed to her half-up-half-down signature look and what looks to be a lighter hair color, appears alongside friend and choreographer Isaac Boots, as she nervously previews several tracks.

Grande, who is set to release her first single this spring, was hesitant to play anything "too single-y" for fear of getting in trouble, but from the sounds of it, this big-voiced powerhouse diva has some soon-to-be hits on her hand.

For all you Arianators who missed the livestream the first time around, here is a round-up of everything that Ariana teased.

"My Everything"

The first track that Grande previewed, "My Everything," for which she hooked up with the co-writers of her Yours Truly, tracks "Honeymoon Avenue" and "Daydreamin."

Even though it's unfinished, the emotional ballad still shows off Grande's impressive vocal range as she sings about not knowing what you have until it's gone.

"He wasn't my everything till we were nothing and it's taken me a lot to say/nobody's gone my heart is missing something/ so it's time to push my pride away/cause you are you are my everything," she sings during the 30-second tease.

"They Don't Understand"

The next track, which seems to be titled "They Don't Understand," starts out with a pulsating drum-heavy beat before transitioning into what sounds like finger snapping as Grande seems to be singing about not being the picture-perfect girl that everyone wants and expects her to be.

"Then they try to tell me who I am/ They don't understand/ They don't understand/ You want a perfect picture to believe in/ Then you can't be looking at me then," Grande sings, before stopped because "I'm not allowed to play that much of it."

"Fun," "Groovy" And Untitled

After much back-and-forth of "should she or shouldn't she," Grande, who on the livestream alluded to the fact that she has re-teamed with"The Way" producer Harmony Samuels on her second effort, decided to play another song for her fans.

Grande described the song as "chill," fun" and "groovy," which seem to be the perfect words to describe the up-tempo track. However, with it being an unmixed version of the song it was hard to decipher the lyrics of the song, but it does sound like Grande sings the words "Only One" several times.

A Song for the Ladies?

With only about a five-second teaser to the last song, which Isaac can be heard saying is "his jam," it sounds like Grande, who "wanted to play everything," could have a potential girls' anthem on her hands.

Grande pushes play on her iPhone as another up-tempo beat starts to play. Instead of hearing Grande's vocals, she decides to sing it herself, saying "All of my, all of my, all of my, ladies, all of my ladies, hey hey," before she abruptly stops the song and says "goodbye."