Lady Gaga's 'G.U.Y.' Video Tease: Meet The 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hillbillies'?

Singer will finally reveal the full clip during 'Dateline' on Saturday night.

We may never see the mythical Terry Richardson-directed "Do What U Want" video
, but tomorrow night we'll finally get a look at Lady Gaga's epic clip for the ARTPOP single "G.U.Y."

The video, filmed at California's famed Hearst Castle mansion, features cameos from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and all the outrageous outfits and head gear we've come to expect from Gaga.
 On Friday morning (March 21), Gaga dropped in to the "Today" Show to preview the clip. Wearing a nearly floor-length white wig and black dress, Mother Monster (who, by the way, claims to be a morning person), said she was not afraid to be a boss on the set.

"You have to [crack the whip] to keep the pace going," she said. "We had our work cut out for us with this video. It was a very big production. We shot for six days."

In the preview, Gaga is fussed over by her glam crew as she peeks into a mysterious wooden box while seemingly wearing nothing but her flowing wig and surrounded by black-clad dancers acting as sexy cupids with their bows poised to shoot arrows of love.

In another scene her head is adorned with a giant crow-like hat, with more bow-and-arrow-themed artwork in the background. Much of the footage on "Today" showed Gaga giving direction to her cast and crew, sometimes dressed down in a flannel shirt and giant wool baseball hat. There were also a few shots of the legendary column-lined outdoor swimming pool at the Castle, which Gaga used for a synchronized swimming tribute to 1940s-50s "Million Dollar Mermaid" star Esther Williams.

At one point, Gaga sports a towering white headdress as she's surrounded by a girl group wearing all pink and playing harp, guitar, cello and tambourine. Wait, are those the "Real Housewives"?

The action moves to the opulent indoor pool later on as Gaga, wearing a gold cut-out bikini, rides Cleopatra-like on a gondola attended to by a beefcake in a tiny gold Speedo.

Gaga also announced on Thursday that K Pop girl group Crayon Pop will serve as the opening act from June 26-July 22 on the upcoming ARTPOP Ball tour.