‘Hey Girl’ The Musical: Ryan Gosling Picks His Next All-Singing, All-Dancing Project

Gosling to direct biopic of classic choreographer Busby Berkeley.

After a spate of steely roles, from getaway driver to gangster hunter, Ryan Gosling is ready to show his softer side in a classic Hollywood biopic — and heading back to the halcyon days of classic Hollywood to do it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gosling is set to produce and most likely star in a film about the life of Busby Berkeley, the iconic choreographer from the golden age of cinema.

And if you’re scratching your head right now and saying, “Good for Ryan Gosling, but what the hell is a Busby Berkeley?” don’t you fret: we’ve got the essential skinny on the Depression-era icon, and why he’s so interesting to your favorite A-list dreamboat.

Choreographer Extraordinaire!
After a stint as a field artillery lieutenant during World War I, Berkeley returned to his family roots in showbiz and became famous for choreographing elaborate, massive, and militaristic dance numbers for the outsized musical movies of the 1930s and 40s.

His specialty: using an overhead camera to create a kaleidoscopic effect as the dancers moved their limbs and changed formation, a technique which he pioneered and that’s still being used today.

Zac Efron Owes Busby, Big Time
As does the entire cast of “Glee,” for that matter. Without Berkeley to lead the way, “High School Musical” hero Troy Bolton would never have gotten his head in the game to the thud of rhythmic dribbling — and even more horrifying, Will and Emma would have had to get engaged without the benefit of an Esther Williams-style synchro swim to set the romantic mood.

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