Lupita Nyong'o Must Be X-Men's Storm: 11 Marvel-ous Internet Petitions You Have To See

Plus Edmonton, Canada, would like a 1,000-foot-tall statue of Wolverine, please. is an incredible tool. As mentioned on the site's About page, it's a way for anyone to make a real difference in their community, from fighting against bullying in schools to standing up to corrupt government officials.

It's also a place for movie fans to complain about Spider-Man's omission from "The Avengers."

Yes, because the Internet is the Internet, the community action website is also full of spectacular petitions targeting Marvel movies, games and comics. Here's a round down of the 11 best:

Cast Lupita Nyong'o As Storm

Signatures: 1,009

Being very careful to explain they like Halle Berry just fine, this petition argues that Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o would make a great Storm in an "X-Men Origins" type movie. Given Berry was reportedly cut to one scene in "Days of Future Past," there's no reason to think this couldn't actually happen.

Put Spider-Man In "The Avengers" Movies

Signatures: Varies

If you had to guess what was the most prevalent campaign on, you could probably posit that it was to get Spider-Man in "The Avengers" movies. From petitioning Marvel producer Kevin Feige, to Sony, to MarvelDisney [sic], the fans have this one covered.

Expect Marvel, Sony and Disney to figure out their legal issues ASAP once they have these truth bombs dropped on them, because they have no idea people would like this to happen. None. "Why didn't you just say so?" asked all the companies simultaneously upon receiving the multitude of petitions.

An Official "Order Of The X" Comic

Signatures: 1,420

This guy Nate Hallinan came up with a medieval fantasy version of the X-Men, and would like Marvel to publish the book. Given that Marvel would never in a million years publish an unsolicited fan story for any of their characters for legal reasons (and regardless of quality)... Well, we don't want to destroy Hallinan's dreams but this will never, ever happen. Sorry.

Port "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" To Wii U

Signatures: 114

Not only is this exactly the sort of thing was made for (demanding that game companies deliver alternate versions of old video games), but the 200 signatures the petitioners are asking for are sure to create lasting change.

Free Loki

Signatures: 54,263

Look, a lot of these petitions are completely frivolous. But here's a frivolous one we can totally get behind: to give Tom Hiddleston's Loki a solo spin-off movie. And with a shocking 50,000+ signatures, it seems like we aren't alone.

We Would Like To See Loki Shirtless

Signatures: 192

This petition is closed, and was sadly unsuccessful. Perhaps they could combine their efforts with the petition above? Think of the children, everyone. Think of the children.

Erect A 1000' Statue Of Wolverine

Signatures: 1,775

Explaining that Edmonton, Canada, needs to be turned into a "world-class" city like Paris and New York, this petition thinks the best way of doing this is by creating a 1,000-foot-tall statue of Edmonton's most famous son, Wolverine. He's the best he is at what he does, and what he does is being crazy tall.

Expand The Presence Of Strong Superheroines In The Marvel Universe

Signatures: 4,380

Here's a totally legit one, given comics' boys' club of leading men... And though the petition is still going, as noted on the page itself Marvel has started to listen. They've recently released two (excellent) female-centric series, "She-Hulk" and "Ms. Marvel," with a third, "Captain Marvel," on the way.

Free Venom+Rewards For All Avengers Alliance PVP Players

Signatures: 3,274

When enacting change on a local level, where better to start than with the most pressing social issues? Like, why can't Marvel re-release Venom (Eddie Brock not Flash Thompson) in the Bruiser suit for Facebook game Avengers Alliance? We all know how hard it is to make Adamantium League, so why won't our government do anything about this?

Do Marvel's Fan Meet-Ups Indicate They Don't Trust The Chinese?

Signatures: 381

We're guessing Marvel had some sort of fan meet-ups with Tom Hiddleston in China, in advance of "Thor: The Dark World." And that there wasn't an "open selection" from the fanbase... Which means that Marvel may not trust their Chinese fans, according to the petition. Is it true, Marvel? Do you not trust your Chinese fans, what with the not allowing literally anyone who wants to touch Tom Hiddleston to touch him? And as the petition states, "we worried if it would always be secretly in the future." Well said.

Make These Movies In Phase 3

Signatures: 81

Wondering what movies Marvel will be making post "Avengers 2"? Don't worry, has it covered. Says the petition:

"a stand alone film and alot of people don't know Black Widow origns and also nick fury we would love to see coulson in the two films it will mean alot to us if you would do Doctor strange, Black Panther and incredible hulk 2 we would love for Joss to direct incredible hulk 2 please make them happen in phase 3 thank you"

Honestly, we don't even know why they pay Kevin Feige when anyone can come up with this stuff.

Note: If you have a chance, please check out because there are plenty of legit petitions on the site.