'Incredibles' Sequel Officially In The Works: What We Want To See

Disney's CEO has announced Brad Bird is writing a follow-up to the 2004 hit.

The cries of "Incredibles" fans have finally been heard. During a call with investors, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Brad Bird is currently working on the story for a sequel to Pixar's superhero hit from 2004. (Yes, I'm also freaking out that it was a decade ago.)

This is the first time we've heard talk about an "Incredibles" sequel outside of Bird talking theoretically about a follow-up, so there's certainly reason to be excited. But it's worth remembering that Pixar moves pretty slowly, so we're still at least four year away from another visit with Mr. Incredible, Elastagirl, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack.

If a sequel to "The Incredibles" is officially in the pipeline after all these years, there are a few things I've been waiting a very long time to see.

The World of Superheroes Restored

The conceit of the original "Incredibles" removed most of the superheroes from the modern world. That meant, we only got short (but hilarious) glimpses at the heroes of old. It's easy to imagine that the events of "The Incredibles" eased up the ban on supers, so let's see what new characters Bird can dream up. But, as always, no capes!

Jack Jack Grows Up

Just because it has been a decade since the original, that doesn't mean the same amount of time has passed in the world of "The Incredibles," but I really hope that's the case. Think of it like "Before Sunset," except with superheroes. Where are these characters ten years down the road? How are Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl handling middle age? How has the world changed? What has life been for Jack Jack as a pre-teen who is able to shape shift? That's a movie I want to see.

Keep It Light And Dark

Of course, a sequel should be fun, but go back and watch "The Incredibles." You might be surprised by how adult it actually is. (Mr. Incredible goes into hiding after saving a man that was trying to kill himself. Elastagirl suspects adultery. And so on.) More than any animated movie Bird has done, "The Incredibles" blurred the line between what was children's and adult's entertainment, and any sequel should (and knowing Bird, probably will) do the same.