Ariana Grande Is Super Sad About Chris Brown's Jail Sentence

Yours Truly singer is forced to delay their 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' duet as Brown spends another month behind bars.

We're sure many people were upset when Chris Brown was ordered to spend a month in jail after violating his probation.

But no one seemed quite as despondent as fellow pop sensation Ariana Grande, who took to Twitter shortly after the news spread Monday afternoon to say: "Oy vey."

You see, the Yours Truly singer got "buttaflies" working on a long-simmering collaboration with Brown, a joint called "Don't Be Gone Too Long." After weeks of teasing fans with curious tweets and one intimate Instagram photo of the pair in dance rehearsals, the two formally kicked off a countdown to the duet on Sunday, just one day before a judge ordered him back behind bars.

Naturally, that countdown is going to have to be pushed back.

"sooo.... i have bad news and good news.... but just please keep in mind how much i love you and how i wish more than you do that this wasn't the case... ok so.... my loves... so obviously some things have changed recently... so we have to delay the dbgtl countdown... some things are out of our control," Grande said in a series of tweets Monday afternoon.

The "The Way" singer was fiercely apologetic to her fans, saying "nothing upsets me more than upsetting you" and "i love you and I wish there was something I could do," even making it up to them by giving them a preview of some music via an Instagram video straight from the recording studio. She wouldn't tell us what track it is, but Brown doesn't drop any lines in the 10-second tease.

There's no telling when exactly fans will get to listen to the duet — which Ariana has admitted is her "favourite song right now" — but Brown will be in jail until at least April 23, when he'll appear back in court.

A Los Angeles judge cited the 25-year-old's "inability to stay out of trouble" for sending him back to jail on Monday, days after Brown was arrested for violating his probation.