Miley Cyrus Gets ‘High As F—‘ With New Bangerz BFF Wayne Coyne

Cyrus records a Beatles cover (and does so much more) with the Flaming Lips' frontman.

Miley Cyrus spent the first month of the Bangerz tour creating a controlled chaos that left us wondering “WTF?!?”

Now, as the trek enters month number two, she’s forged a friendship with a fellow Fearless Freak, Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne … and, once again, all we can do is wonder what the heck is happening.

Yes, it all started on Friday (March 14), when Coyne posted a pic of Cyrus rolling a joint — using custom Bangerz papers, of course — on his Instagram account, telling the world that the two were “recordin” together … and that they were “high as f—” (an important detail.)

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