Demi Lovato Slams Lady Gaga's 'Sad' SXSW Show

Lovato, who's battled addiction and eating disorders, took to Twitter to say Gaga's show wasn't 'cool' or 'artsy' at all.'

In the past few years, Demi Lovato has taken a bold and brave stance on her struggle with addiction and eating disorders, so it's no surprise that the pop starlet isn't a fan of Lady Gaga's show at SXSW Thursday night, where she invited performance artist Millie Brown to puke all over her mid-show.

Lovato took to Twitter in the middle of the media storm on Friday afternoon (March 14) to share her disappointment, tweeting, "Sad... As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eat disorders already. Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at all. Would you let someone bring a needle and shoot up on you? Addiction is addiction."

Shortly afterwards, the former Disney star clarified that her intentions weren't to throw Lady Gaga under the bus, but speak up for what she believes in.

"It's not 'shade' and it's not 'hate'. But someone has to come forward and say it and I'll take the heat for it," she wrote.

Dovato's remarks sent her into the hot seat, but she made sure to clarify that she respects the Mother Monster as an artist, saying, "you're SO talented, if not one of the most talented in our industry PERIOD. Dope is INCREDIBLE.. but you don't have to do that." She later reminded everyone that she, too, is a Little Monster.

But still, Gaga fans didn't seem too happy with her remarks, prompting Lovato to defend herself in an extended tweet emphasizing the influence artists like Gaga have on their fans.

"All I'm saying is, artists in pop culture have influence on people.. Young people who are struggling to figure out their identities are seriously influenced by the things they see their idols do," Lovato wrote in an extended tweet after receiving several berating replies. "Whether we intend to or not, artists influence people of ALL ages and unfortunately what people see, people do... And that's why I had to say something.. to let the people who don't understand the art in it, that bulimia isn't cool, and it won't get you on stage with your favorite artist."

Earlier in the day, Gaga defended her onstage gag during her SXSW keynote conversation, comparing her artistic vision to the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr. and Andy Warhol. During her hour-plus conversation, the singer explained that there are no boundaries when it comes to one's vision.

"I'm so deeply passionate about any person that has an artistic spirit — any person that has a talent that they believe in no matter how crazy the idea; you never know where that crazy idea might lead you," she said. "Martin Luther King thought he could start a revolution without violence and Andy Warhol thought that he could make a soup can into art. Sometimes things that are really, really strange and feel really wrong can really change the world. I'm not saying vomit's going to change the world... it's truly just what we wanted to create and do and us respecting each other as artists."