'American Idol' Recap: Top 10 Revealed

But Ben Briley's 'Bennie and the Jets' performance on Songs from the Cinema night was anything but award-worthy.

Ben Briley's summer is suddenly free. The 24-year-old's mock version of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" landed him in last place, and he was sent packing on

"American Idol" Thursday night.

Here's why, when given the choice, contestants shouldn't sing songs from "27 Dresses" on Songs From the Cinema night:

Briley Gets The Boot

"Tonight's outcome may surprise a few people," Ryan Seacrest said at the opening of Thursday's results episode. But not those who actually watched Wednesday's episode, who were treated to Briley's "pointless" (Harry Connick Jr.'s word) send-up of "Bennie and the Jets," which came off worse than James Marsden and Katherine Heigl's drunken karaoke version in "27 Dresses" — a film that Briley admitted he's never even seen.

"I really wanted to be different and show people I really can do other things," Briley explained of his song choice during the results episode. "It was a gamble, and I really hope it pays off."

It didn't, and Briley narrowly missed joining this year's "Idol" summer tour. How narrowly? Just .07 percent of the reported 72 million votes cast separated him from this week's next-to-last-place finisher, Majesty Rose, Seacrest announced. The judges passed on using the season's one save on him, citing his lack of growth from week to week, and Briley will find himself on the next jet home to Gallatin, Tennessee.

Majesty Rose, Sam Woolf In The Bottom Three

Rose and Sam Woolf rounded out this week's bottom three. Rose hit the bottom after a vocally shaky take on one of the planet's most popular current songs, the "Frozen" anthem "Let It Go," while Woolf's timid show-opening version of the Beatles' "Come Together" gave him his first trip to the "Idol" basement.

But both Rose and Woolf live to make the "Idol" summer tour, along with the rest of the season's top 10 finalists.

MK Enjoys Safety — For Once

MK Nobillette was safe from the threat of elimination for the first time this week. Her lovely, moving rendition of "To Make You Feel My Love" stole the show on Wednesday, even if the judges were slow to acknowledge it, and gave her a new lease on life in the competition.

Previous bottom-dwellers Jena Irene and Malaya Watson were also safe from harm.

Harry Connick And Mali Music Perform

Harry Connick Jr. took a break from delivering harsh (but valuable!) critiques to the contestants and performed on Thursday's show, singing a medley of his songs "One Fine Thing" and "Come by Me." He was even visited by one of his biggest fans, Munfarid Zaidi, the "Idol" contestant and Connick superfan whom Connick memorably cradled in his arms during this year's auditions.

Thursday also saw a performance from Savannah, Georgia, hip-hop/soul singer Mali Music, who sang his new single, "Beautiful," after an introduction from Jennifer Lopez.

Top 10 Do Top 10

Next week, the "Idols" take on songs of the top 10, and all must be hit singles from 2010 to the present. Next Thursday's results show will see Jennifer Lopez performing her new single, "I Luh Ya PaPi," as well as a performance from New Orleans up-and-comers Royal Teeth.

What did you think of Thursday's "Idol" results? Did Ben Briley deserve to be voted off? Let us know in the comments!