Chris Brown And Tyga Put A Price On Their Fan Of A Fan Sequel

'We got 10 singles right now ready to go,' Tyga tells MTV News of Fan of a Fan II, which will be an official release.

When Tyga and Chris Brown dropped their Fan of a Fan mixtape in 2010, they gave fans a real gift. Not only did listeners get quality tracks like "48 Bars" and "Drop Top Girl," but they also got hit records like "Deuces" and "No Bullsh--" without having to pay a dime.

By the time the duo drops their long-awaited Fan of a Fan II, however, diehards will have to shell out a few bucks, now that Tyga has revealed that the project will be an official retail release.

"It's gonna be an official album — we're already halfway done with it," T-Raw told MTV News on Tuesday night on the set of Young Money's "Senile" music video.

Last month, the duo released a pair of tracks from the tape, the bouncy "Bitches" and the poppy "Do It."

No word on how the two artists' respective labels (Cash Money and RCA) will make things work, but Tyga has the utmost confidence in the material. He wasn't sure when the project would be released, but said it will definitely come after Breezy's X LP and Tyga's upcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

"We got 10 singles right now ready to go, but it's just really about timing, man, because I don't wanna confuse the people," he said. "My album is like dark rap, but then I come with this crazy radio hit with Chris, but then I come with this joint with Wayne, ya know? I just wanna set everything up and do it — it's all about timing."