MTV's Musical March Madness: Fall Out Boy Aren't Here To Start No Trouble ...

They just wanna do 'the Super Bowl Shuffle,' and win #MMM 2014, of course.

Fall Out Boy made a triumphant return in 2013, releasing a hit album, scoring a stadium-approved anthem, and touring the world.

And though it was a big year, FOB's comeback wasn't complete: Despite their best efforts, they came up short in the 2013 Musical March Madness tournament, getting upset in the Elite 8 by Walk The Moon.

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Now, as we gear up for the launch of MMM 2014 on March 17, Fall Out Boy are out to prove that this is the year they'll finally reign as tournament champions. The way they see it, it's not a matter of if they'll win, but, rather, when.

"When we win, we're going to do all kinds of glory dances, we're going to do a new version of 'The Super Bowl Shuffle' ... and we're going to get Refrigerator to be in it with us," FOB's Pete Wentz tells MTV News. "And if we can't get him, we're going to get an actual refrigerator."

And considering he's currently not dead there's a pretty good chance Fall Out Boy will be getting William Perry to take part in their MMM celebration — frontman Patrick Stump notes that "There's only four of us, so it will be very short" — but are FOB guilty of getting ahead of themselves?

Well, yes. Because before they can win MMM, they've got to actually make the tournament ... and that's where you come in.

Because this year, for the first time, we're letting fans pick all the bands for MMM 2014: You can tweet your picks @MTVNews using the hashtag #MMM. We'll be watching all week, and then, on Monday, March 17, we'll unveil the full bracket of 64 bands at

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So, if you want to see Fall Out Boy shuffle their way into history, you better nominate them! Oh, and it probably wouldn't hurt to rally the troops, either; make sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, and check back in on Monday, March 17, when MMM 2014 officially tips off!