Breaking: Taylor Swift Has More Money Than You

Taylor tops Billboard's Money Makers list ... and it wasn't even close.

Breaking News: It's very good to be Taylor Swift.

Turns out, when she's not going on road trips with Victoria's Secret models or having "girls-only weekends" with Lorde, Taylor's raking in the cash ... so much, in fact, that she's just been named Billboard's Top Money Maker.

Swift brought in more than $39 million in 2013 to claim the top spot on the annual list, which ranks artists' U.S. earnings, based on touring, album and digital sales, publishing and video streaming. Country music superstar Kenny Chesney was a distant second, with nearly $33 million in revenue, followed by Justin Timberlake at #3, with earnings of more than $31 million.

The rest of the list includes Beyoncé (#6, more than $24 million,) Maroon 5 (#7, $22 million) and Pink (#9, $20 million).

According to data supplied by Nielsen SoundScan, Taylor topped the list thanks to sales of her album and digital sales — she sold more than 10 million downloads — and streaming royalties, not to mention the hugely successful Red tour, which, in six-months of U.S. dates, brought in $30 million, tops of any artist on the Money Makers list. In actuality, her 2013 totals were even higher thanks to several sponsorship deals (Keds, Diet Coke, etc.), though Billboard did not include those totals in their list.

Swift leapt all the way up from #15 on last year's Money Makers' list, essentially by tripling her total earnings. Now you know how she can afford all those California vacations.