Here's How Lea Michele Wishes 'Glee' Would End: Watch

Rachel Barry tells MTV News how she would like to see the show end.

It's almost time to say goodbye to McKinley High School for good and say hello to the bright lights of Broadway.

As of right now, "Glee" shifts back and forth between McKinley High and New York, but soon the entire storyline of the show will take place in New York City.

Some of McKinley's graduating class will relocate to New York to join the major characters — Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel and Naya Rivera's Santana Lopez — who are trying to make their dreams come true in the big apple.

"We are filming, currently, episode 16 of season five and then we have 22 to shoot next year so we have a lot ahead of us," Michele recently told MTV News. "Right now, the show is only in New York. The high school has been — it's over ... Amber [Riley] comes in for a few episodes, which is great because it's so nice having her there. So we are in New York, all of us, it's kind of like 'Friends.' "

Michele, who just released her debut album Louder, says that moving the show to New York feels "natural" and "right" and brings more maturity to the show, which sometimes can't be said for the cast, who have a little too much fun while on set.

"We were shooting the other day, all of us, and we forgot that we were filming. They told us to do a scene where we were like, eating pizza and hanging out on the couch and all of a sudden, the cameras were rolling and we were chatting and I was like 'But, Amber, what did you do'. And they were like, 'You guys, we're filming'. And I was like 'Oh, wait, ok...we have to be our characters,' " Michele said. "But it's so great."

The show, which is celebrating its 100th episode on March 18, will conclude its impressive run at the end of season six. Back in October of 2013, show creator Ryan Murphy said that the final season would revolve around Rachel and Cory Monteith's character, Finn's, story, but due to Monteith's tragic death last year, Murphy reworked an ending that would be "very satisfactory and kind of in his honor."

Michele said there's a "big surprise happening for Rachel" next season but wouldn't divulge too much on the ending of season six. If it were up to her, Rachel would end up on the stage.

"For me, I think that....seeing Rachel Barry on the stage at Radio City winning a Tony Award with you know, Kurt and Mercedes in the front row, Artie and Tina, Mr. Schu cheering her on," Michele said. "I think that's how it should end."