Ellen Degeneres' Pizza Party At The Oscars Was Like Oprah-Meets-'Mean Girls,' But With Pizza

A slice for you, Brad Pitt! You go, Brad Pitt! And ... none for Liza Minnelli.

Take note: When it comes to pizza, Ellen Degeneres does not play. Though Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong'o, Julia Roberts and the rest of the actors in the front row of the Dolby Theatre probably thought that the 2014 Oscars host was kidding when she began taking orders, Ellen delivered (literally) with a stack of pies not long after.

Pizza: It's totally still having a moment.

So, what happens when one of our favorite funny ladies is tasked with feeding delicious slices of cheesy goodness to some of America's most beautiful people? Umm, it's basically like an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (R.I.P.)-meets-that iconic candy cane scene from "Mean Girls." Not sure what I mean? Here, let's break it down.

Chiweitel Ejiofor? You Get A Slice!

Jamie Foxx And Channing Tatum? Two For You.

Jennifer Lawrence? You Get A Slice!

And, Uh ... Mary Streep? Do We Have A Mary Streep Here?

It's Meryl.

Oh, Meryl! Here You Go, One For You.

Jared Leto? You Get A slice!

Brad Pitt? One For You, Brad Pitt. You Go, Brad Pitt.

And, None For Liza Minnelli.