Emma Watson And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Are Our Oscar Fantasy Couple

Someone cast them in a rom-com. Stat.

A lot of people won awards and said things during the 86th Academy Awards and that was great, but the big takeaway was, undoubtedly, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson should be a couple. Or star in a rom-com together. Or star in a rom-com together and then become a couple.

The pair took the stage Sunday night (March 2) to present the award for Best Visual Effects but, at that point, the only visual effect anyone was taking note of was how good they looked together.

"No but really Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon Levitt standing next to each other = everything gasm. #oscars @EmWatson," tweeted fan @LeggoImMeggo, while @redbookmag quipped, "If Twitter has anything to say about it, Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be betrothed by the end of the #Oscars telecast."

Other fans seemed more keen to cast the duo in some kind of dream romantic comedy. "Someone somewhere is in the works of making a movie specifically for Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Emma Watson & I'll spend major $ to see it," tweeted @NishiaMarie. @NFRAggie begged, "But seriously, I'm gonna need an Emma Watson + Joseph Gordon Levitt movie to exist. Make it happen Hollywood! #Oscars."

Although the two are dating other people, hope still springs eternal — and a goofy photo of the pair that Gordon-Levitt shared to Facebook is helping it stay alive. "Def should be a couple" one fan commented under the snap. Another pleaded, "Please, please, make a movie together, pretty please?"

You've got options, kids. Now, to quote the above fan, please, please make one — or all — of them manifest.