6 Degrees Of Jennifer Lawrence: How Every 2014 Oscar Nominee Connects To JLaw

Our infographic shows how every nominee this year traces back to Jennifer Lawrence, illustrating a little something we like to call the JLaw Effect.

There's a truth that it's about time we all accept: Everything, and we mean everything, eventually comes back to Jennifer Lawrence. A butterfly in New Mexico flaps its wings and JLaw gets more awesome in China. Just call it the Lawrence Effect and go on with your life.

If this blunt statement isn't quite enough to convince you of the veracity of the JLaw effect, let this year's Oscars be the example that converts you into a true believer. (Science.) This year, Lawrence received a nod in the Best Supporting Actress category for her work in "American Hustle," after winning the lead actress statue last year for "Silver Linings Playbook" and earning her first nod for her lead role in "Winter's Bone." It may not appear so at first glance, but it turns out that every single major category Oscar nominee this year (Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, Screenplay, Best Picture, you name it) can be connected back to Lawrence in six degrees, and in most cases, even fewer.

Check out our infographic below (click to enlarge) and be sure to flaunt your newfound scientific knowledge at your Oscar viewing party this Sunday — or any time, for that matter.