Justin Bieber Attempts To Walk A Straight Line In Sobriety Test Footage

Police video footage shows Bieber attempting to pass a sobriety test in Miami jail.

Justin Bieber didn't seem too upset about his DUI arrest in Miami last month, what with the smiling mug shot and all, but in newly released police footage it looks like the pop star put some effort into passing his sobriety test.

On Wednesday (February 26), TMZ shared footage of Bieber in the Miami jail, where cops had him walk along a straight line, in an attempt to determine his sobriety.

From the vantage point of the camera, Bieber seems to make it down the line just fine, only wobbling slightly when he spins around and attempts to walk in the other direction. After that, he's hanging around and chatting with one of the supervising cops, but there is no audio available.

Bieber's lawyers reportedly tried to get the footage blocked, but didn't have any luck.

While the Believe singer has been keeping out of trouble since then, his bodyguards aren't doing as well. His bodyguard Hugo Hensy was taken into police custody on Tuesday for grabbing a photographer's $10,000 camera outside of Sandy Springs Funhouse in Atlanta. The photographer was apparently trying to capture footage of Bieber, who was inside the laser tag center at the time.

Bieber doesn't seem to be too worried about the fallout around him though. He recently laughed off "news" that residents in Atlanta's upscale Buckhead neighborhood were protesting his potential move there. And on Saturday, March 1, he'll celebrate his 20th birthday. Hopefully, without drag racing.